A brand based on values, principles, and love for nature.

Why NaturaVelit

NaturaVelit is a brand deeply rooted in its values and principles and has a strong love and respect for nature at its core. Its products are made with the highest level of sustainability and only from the finest natural and organic materials that have minimal impact on the environment. From skincare products to household items, each element is carefully designed to promote health and well-being, minimize waste, and preserve our planet for future generations. With a commitment to transparency and ethical practices, NaturaVelit strives to create a better world through its products and actions.

NaturaVelit - for the love of nature

Since 2016, we have been developing high-quality natural products and supplying raw materials to manufacturers worldwide.

From development to packaging, we work with full respect and dedication for nature and the environment. That's why all ingredients of NaturaVelit products undergo a strict selection process and consist of 100% natural and verified ingredients. We don't compromise on packaging and animal welfare either: the packaging is made of 90% recyclable materials, and none of the products are tested on animals.

Numbers that speak for us

100% is just good enough for us. Driven by the mission to protect nature and the environment while creating products that excite our customers, we are constantly evolving our processes and products. Our numbers speak for themselves:

"Velit" = the source
Our vision

100% natural ingredients doesn't necessarily mean that the product is 100% natural. But it does with NaturaVelit! For us, our name is our program. "NaturaVelit" sources all its ingredients from one place: nature. In addition to natural ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging and gentle production processes are a top priority. These are fixed principles that bring our products into 100% harmony with nature and the environment.

"Velit" = the will
Our mission

We are driven by the mission to produce effective and affordable natural products that are in harmony with nature and the environment - in short, in line with the will of nature.

"Velit" = the testament
Our promises

We see ourselves as the heirs of nature, and the protection of its legacy drives us forward. The customer is our top priority. That's why we create products that have maximum benefit for the consumer and are 100% tailored to their needs.


The success story.

NaturaVelits' journey began in 2003 in Tunisia, the land of oils and precious raw materials. The phytotherapist Hans-Jost Gerhard Göppner founded the young start-up Sippam s.a.r.l. together with his son Daniel. Father and son are driven by a common vision: to produce effective and affordable natural products that are in harmony with nature and the environment. Just eight years later, the company can count itself among the largest suppliers of natural substances. The family business supplies pharmacies and laboratories throughout the country with over 120 essential oils, 40 carrier oils, 150 dried plant species, and many other precious raw materials. At this point, the company's products are already prescribed by doctors as the first phytotherapeutic products ever.

After the death of his father in 2015, Daniel Göppner decided to continue the family business. Under the name NaturaVelit, he gave the traditional company a new modern look in 2016 and relocated it to Switzerland. NaturaVelit combines the immense expertise of Hans-Jost Gerhard Göppner with the latest innovations and an even stronger determination to protect and respect nature and the environment

In 2018, NaturaVelit launched its successful product NaturaBreast on the Swiss market, followed by the therapeutic Synergy tea range and Cura Secretum therapy line.

what we strive for

"Our goals"

Making natural cosmetics accessible to everyone

Natural products of the highest quality

Building a community with like-minded people

Spreading valuable knowledge (Naturapedia)

September 2003
How it all began

The company is founded in Tunisia by Hans-Jost Gerhard Göppner and his son Daniel Göppner.

March 2014
T.B.H. Paracelsus is reborn

In 2014, the company entered the market as an innovator in natural cosmetics.

The journey continues

In 2015, TBH Paracelsus is in the pharmacy market in the northernmost part of Tunisia

Another step towards success

The products are recommended by doctors and prescribed for therapies.

September 2009
The company grows

The products are supplied to pharmacies that serve the entire national market.

Largest supplier of raw materials

With a range of more than 120 essential oils, 40 carrier oils, 150 dried plants, and other raw materials, the company becomes a market leader in the shipment of raw materials to pharmacies and laboratories.

28 September 2015
One stroke for all

Death of co-founder and pioneer H.J.G. Göppner

05 May 2016
Foundation of NaturaVelit Switzerland

Foundation of NaturaVelit Switzerland

01 October 2016
Research & Development

To make its products even more effective, NaturaVelit prioritises investment in research and development

01 March 2018
Product launch

NaturaVelit is constantly expanding its range with new products

Our incredible team

People Behind the Science

Passionate and competent - that's the incredible team of NaturaVelit. This dedicated team of scientists, designers, and sustainability experts works hard to develop innovative and natural products that meet both customer needs and environmental sustainability requirements. With a deep understanding of science and a passionate love for nature, the NaturaVelit team strives to make the world a better place - a sustainable and healthy future for all.